In September 2011 a UK delegation of 9 lawyers, from the fields of human rights, crime and child welfare, travelled to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to assess the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law.


The objective of the group was to produce an independent report founded on the principles of the rule of law and children’s rights. A substantial and balanced body of relevant information was collated. The delegation met with various key parties, including Israeli Government departments and the military, Israeli and Palestinian NGOs, UN agencies, former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian children. They also visited the military courts at Ofer Prison outside Jerusalem and observed proceedings involving children.


The project was funded by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which also provided diplomatic support throughout the visit, on the shared understanding that the delegation was to be entirely independent. The content, conclusions and recommendations of the report are accordingly the delegation’s own.

Photographs © Copyright Amber Fares 2011